An "Unconventional Convention," SeeTalkGrow is a 100% Online Music, Film, Technology, & Communications Industry Conference & Festival. With a focus on education and networking, we host live webcast workshops, panels, artist showcases, and networking mixers, so you can stay up to date with industry news, educate yourself by gleaning valuable information and professional tips, plus network and socialize with the most innovative business executives and entrepreneurs around the world. And you can do all this without ever leaving your home or office!

events cover relevant topics from branding, writing, career management, and public relations (PR), to the latest in apps, widgets, social network platforms, independent films, and music business know-how. We feature interviews with producers, managers, bands, IT specialists, journalists, authors, booking agents, software designers, and the like. During every SeeTalkGrow event you'll be able to interact in real time with our show hosts, garnering personalized advise and sharing your own expertise with the audience. 


Tianna Hall to Interview Alex Pr!mo Luster July 19th - 8pm for SeeTalkGrow 


Local jazz diva, webmistress/general nerd & mommy Tianna Hall is scheduled to interview critically acclaimed filmmaker Alex Pr!mo Luster of "Shoot. Edit. Sleep."  They'll talk about his upcoming short film on Houston's legendary artist David Adickes; super geeky technology stuff relating to iPhone/ipad apps, pro-sumer and pro gear;  family; cycling/biking; his kick azz film "Stick 'em Up!" & burritos.  Why not?  Who doesn't love burritos? 

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Alex “PR!MO” Luster is a documentary filmmaker, Emmy-award winning television producer/editor and the creator/director for digital media projects. Hailing from Houston, Alex’s creative projects highlight everything from sub-culture movements to mainstream arts.

Like many of his generation, Alex grew up in front of the television. As a teenager, he interviewed six times with the local Telemundo news station. His determination paid off when he finally landed an internship. At age 14, Alex juggled high school classes while working 30- to 50-hours a week assisting photographers in the field. Within a few months, he was shooting stories for the nightly news.

Alex went on to work at Houston’s top television stations in the news, promotions and programming departments while he worked on his own short documentaries and music variety programs under his pseudonym, Primo.

Alex recently shot, edit, co-produced and directed his first full-length documentary, “Stick ‘Em Up!,” which gives an in-depth look into Houston’s illegal street art movement.

Jennifer Grassman To Take Maternity Leave 

As some of you might have noticed in our past few episodes, Jennifer Grassman is pregnant with her and husband Jason Greenberg's first child, Elowyn Lenore.

She is now 8 months along and the time has come to take a break. We will be hosting three more SeeTalkGrow events this July, and resume scheduling after the baby is born and the mother has had time to recover.

Meanwhile, if YOU are interested in hosting your own SeeTalkGrow episode (for example, a live online discussion between yourself and a client or colleague) please let us know.

We will also be posting regular articles, including guest blogs. If you would like to "blog swap" or publish an article via SeeTalkGrow in our The Washinton Times Communities column, please contact us via email.

  • July 3, 8PM CT: Top 5 Music Business Bloopers & How To Avoid Them
    Joseph Becker of The Law Office of J. R. Becker, Esq.
  • July 5, 8PM CT: Social Cyber Marketing for Real World Businesses
    Carla Lynn Hall of Moxie Maven Marketing
  • July 12, 8PM: Interview With A Music Journalist
    Craig Hlavaty of The Houston Press

UP NEXT: Top 5 Music Business Bloopers & How To Avoid Them, Joseph Becker 

NYC's Joseph Becker of The Law Offices of J. R. Becker presents an insiteful look at the Top 5 Music Business Bloopers young bands and artists make, and how and why YOU can avoid them.

Official Website:

Joseph R. Becker recently worked as in-house counsel and head of licensing at Tuff City Records, where he negotiated and drafted various licensing arrangements with major television, movie, music, and video game companies including HBO, MTV/Vh1, CBS/Paramount, and Warner Brothers. After just a few months there, he became the key contact person on all licensing, placing songs into shows such as How I Met Your Mother and The Cleaner, films including Jim Carrey's YES MAN, Will Smith's HANCOCK, and Seth Rogan's ZAK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO, and various ringtones and videogames. Joe also licensed out many samples for use in songs such as DJ Kool's LET ME CLEAR MY THROAT and Andy Samberg's group, The Lonely Island's INCREDIBAD. After working with Andy Samberg on the latter deal, Joe was solely responsible for licensing a song into the 2010 MTV Movie Awards for host Andy Samberg to rap over. Joe also hunted down copyright infringers and computed royalties for artists and songwriters. He also oversaw a major foreign distribution deal with EMI. Finally, he coordinated with outside counsel in preparation for copyright infringement and artist contract litigation. Now he is been representing clients on his own by drafting artist proposals, registering and maintaining copyrights and trademarks, negotiating and executed digital distribution agreements, and advising artists on business and legal strategy.

Tonight's Show Postponed As Severe Storms in Houston Kill Power & Internet 

Houston was just hit with a very severe thunderstorm involving 70 mph wind gusts, hail, and flash floods.  Jennifer's power and internet are out, so please stay tuned as we work to reschedule tonight's show.  Thanks!

News via

Severe thunderstorm warning in effect for Harris, Montgomery counties
Updated today at 6:14 PM
HOUSTON— A severe thunderstorm warning has been issued for Harris and Montgomery counties until 6:15 p.m.
A severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 10 p.m. Tuesday for Austin, Brazoria, Chambers, Colorado, Fort Bend, Galveston, Grimes, Harris, Liberty, Montgomery, San Jacinto, Walker, Waller, Washington and Wharton counties.
Storms moved through the area Tuesday, bringing heavy rain, thunder and lightning.
North of Houston wind gusts of 70 mph were recorded. A batch of storms was headed down from the north to the east toward Pasadena, Hobby Airport and eventually Clear Lake.
“Watch out because these storms are packing a punch with gusty winds,” he said.

Some viewers reported seeing pea-sized hail in some areas.
“In addition to the heavy rain, we have had reports of trees down, over 150,000 people without power, and there are even more storms behind this batch,” KHOU 11 News Chief Meteorologist Gene Norman said.
The next batch of storms is moving down from the College Station area, Norman said.
Isolated thunderstorms and showers are a possibility through the evening. More high winds and hail are expected. Rain chances will increase after 7 p.m. Norman said.

Blogging your business: 10 blogs you can write right now 

Business owners, musicians, and even great web content writers have been stumped by the question, "What should I blog about?" While some may chalk their consternation up to classic writer's block, the truth is that blogging isn't only about solid writing. Nor is it only concerned about being interesting, informative, entertaining, addressing relevant topics, or promoting your business in a tactful and engaging manner.

No. It's much worse than that. It's all those things put together! And that, my friends, is what befuddles the average would-be blogger.

You may have found yourself a passenger in the baffled blogger boat on more than one occasion. You already know it's generally recommended that you blog once a week. You dutifully set aside an hour or two every Tuesday to pump a few paragraphs out of your cluttered, overworked brain. You sit there, fingers poised in anticipation over the keyboard, glazed eyes staring blankly at an empty white document, and…nothing happens.

"Maybe I'm just not the blogging type," you shrug. Don't give up so easily!

Blogging is a fantastic way to connect with prospective clients, keep current customers and fans engaged, build a readership, promote your business, and maintain an online community of people with congruent interests.

Hopefully, the following will boost your inner writer ego and inspire that burgeoning blogger brain. Here, we've put together a list of useful tips, tricks, techniques, and ideas that will hopefully have you clacking away like a pro in no time.


TONIGHT: Music Business + Community = A Bright Future: Artist Manager Katie Rentfro of Magnolia Red 



✔ Running a successful Small Business in the Entertainment Industry
✔ "It Takes A Village:" How to engage a community
✔ How to find a good Manager that's right for YOU
✔ Selecting your Business Team
✔ What is Music Publishing?
✔ Music Production: From songwriting to full album concept
✔ The emerging Houston music scene


Artist Management – Magnolia Red values the power of team. It is essential to have a group of champions behind an artist as their career develops. Management at Magnolia Red includes several key elements: assessing the quality of the songwriting to the recording process and to publishing; handling details of the live show; helping to lay an important foundation for an artist’s career; building marketing, promotion and partnerships for the artist. Management is involved in every aspect of the artist’s career

Production – Magnolia Red believes in the value of great songs; it doesn’t matter how good the recording quality is if the songwriting isn’t excellent. Once the right songs are in place, Magnolia tailors them to fit the project as a whole, forming a great team of musicians, engineers, and industry professionals to build a well-crafted piece of art. Magnolia is proud to be in a partnership with Red Tree Recording Studio. Magnolia Red’s own facility includes a rehearsal space and songwriter’s room, setting them apart from other companies.

Publishing – Magnolia Red’s passion lies with songwriting and the creative process. Once the song is finished, there are so many questions to be asked: What is the next step? Do the writers record it? Do they need to co-write to finish a song? Do we pitch it to an outside artist? Could it be used for film and/or TV? Every great song deserves a dependable and enthusiastic team to make sure it is heard. Magnolia focuses on connecting songs with the right avenues in order to be most effective and create success for the songwriter.

By contributing quality music and artists to the local and national marketplace, Magnolia Red is a formidable industry player, helping Houston evolve into an important music industry hub. Their broad reach enables them to strategically partner with other publishers, labels and more, to the benefit of their in-house artists and writers. Magnolia addresses the primary needs of an artist through their supportive team, helping to propel them forward into greater creative depth and success.

Official Website:

Rescheduling British Songwriter & Recording Artist Justin Tracy 

Sadly we are having to reschedule Justin Tracy. He is having technical woes with his webcam. However, there is a very bright silver lining: we are going to reschedule, and when we do, there's a good chance Justin will be webcasting in from a really nice studio with pristine sound quality. So cross your fingers folks! And stay tuned. We'll let you know as soon as we have a date fixed.

Justin Tracy grew up in north London and started his musical career making his first professional recording as a drummer at age 13. A decade later, he moved to New York and formed the Justin Tracy Group as the lead vocalist and drummer, making appearances in Europe playing in Nice, Northsea, and Montreaux Jazz festivals, sharing the stage with such luminaries as Jimmy Cliff, Earth, Wind & Fire, and James Brown.

When he returned from the tour, he taught himself guitar and began work on his first solo record, "Understanding" (2005), produced with Grammy Award-winner Michael Leonhart. He followed up with "Suffolk Sessions," (2007) recorded in the UK. Justin has continued performing live, has been featured on the radio, and produces his own records and works with emerging artists. Since moving to the United States, Justin has studied Indian Classical music with vocalist Marina Alam. During his trip to Bangladesh in January 2011, he collaborated with tabla maestro Nilesh Jadhav and recorded his latest, "Bangla Motor." Currently, Justin is preparing for his Austrian tour in August 2012 and working on a piano record.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Classical Guitar Concert feat Jason Lee Greeberg 

Growing up in Fort Lauderdale , Florida , Jason Lee Greenberg has been studying guitar since the age of seventeen. He moved to Texas in 2002, where he majored in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Houston. Now studying classical guitar with Dr. Isaac Bustos, Director of Guitar Studies at Texas A&M University, Jason has performed at numerous showcases and concerts as a soloist, including at The Classical Minds Guitar Institute & Competition, and at The Atria, where he shared the stage with classical guitar prodigy, Kyle Comer. In 2010, Jason was nominated Houston’s Best Guitarist in the Houston Press Music Awards. Jason’s influences include Blind Guardian, Dream Theater, Suspyre, Opeth, Orphaned Land , Ritchie Blackmore, Kansas, Jethro Tull, The Bedlam Boys, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Johannes Sebastian Bach, Fernando Sor and Francisco Tarrega.



SeeTalkGrow June Calendar of Events! 

Thurdsay, May 31, 8C|9E // Classical Guitarist Jason Lee Greenberg Artist Showcase

Monday, June 4, 8C|9E // Monthly Monday Mixer! (M3) Networking Theme: PR & Marketing

Tuesday, June 5, 8C|9E // Justin Tracy Artist Showcase

Thursday, June 7, 8C|9E // The Art Of Artist Management, Manager Katie Rentfro, Magnolia Red (RIGHT)

Tuesday, June 12, 8C|9E // Stereo Cult Artist Showcase

Thursday, June 14, 8C|9E // Artist Development & Career Management, Emily White, Whitesmith Entertainment

Tuesday, June 19, 8C|9E // Ed Hale Artist Showcase

Thursday, June 21, 8C|9E // SeeTalkGrow Summit: How Jennifer Grassman & Tianna Hall Plan To Take Over The World

Monday, June 25, 8C|9E // MUSIC IN REVIEW: Submit Your Band's MP3's Now!

Tuesday, June 26, 8C|9E // What ROLAND Means for Artists & Communities, Corey Fournier of Roland Worship Connection

Thursday, June 28, 8C|9E // Managing & Marketing Bands & Brands, Allison Shaw, Manic Monkee & Quantum Collective



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